Elan Porsche Design Elan Ace Fusion X 173cm – Black/White

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Every Porsche Design product stands for extraordinary precision and perfection, boasts a high level of technological innovation, and seamlessly combines intelligent functionality with puristic design. Built with racing DNA, this crossover between short and long turn skis, allows you to choose what kind of turn you will make with perfection.

The Porsche Design Elan Ace, is a true multiturn ski, combining the ability to perfectly execute short slalom turns or long fast turns without having to choose between them. It’s built for demanding skiers, who seek for carving perfection and the versatility to make any turn shape. The combination of Ace Arrow technology, an aggressive camber profile, new R² FRAME Woodcore, RST sidewalls and double titanium layer, with an upper layer shaped in arrow that loads extra energy to the edges and camber profile, and lower layer shaped in inversed arrow shape for a quick and responsive entry and stability at the end of turn, will bring your skiing to next level. A full carbon reinforcement layer gives extra power to the ski without scarifying ease of skiing. Our Power Rebound System combines a lifted Fusion X binding system and a fully cambered carbon composite plate, works in tandem to boost power and rebound at the end of the turn Short turns or long, the Porsche Design Elan Ace delivers the best of both worlds.


  • Best combination of long & short turn performance
  • Smoothest at high speeds 
  • Best Edge to Edge Quickness
  • Elite Edge Grip
  • Precise Turn Entry & Exit
  • Most Powerful Rebound
  • Premium Materials and Innovation
  • Superiror groomed snow performance
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