Elan Insomnia Lite Light Shift – Black

Çmimi origjinal qe: €530.00.Çmimi i tanishëm është: €265.00.


Perfect for an effortless, controlled and confident day on the slopes, the Insomnia Lite delivers confidence-inspiring performance from the first chair to the last run. (As an engineering feat, it is one of the lightest women’s skis in the world, but it knows no compromise. )

The Insomnia Lite is an engineering marvel. Developed with Elan’s most advanced asymmetrical ski design made for women, the Amphibio Truline W Technology, the Insomnia Lite knows no compromise when it comes to power and precision or comfort and control. The lightweight laminated wood core is enhanced with Amphibio Truline by optimizing the transfer of energy from the skier to the ski with a powerful rebound and steadfast stability for easy turning and balanced control. As a byproduct of the efficient ski design, energy is conserved throughout the day to ski all day long. With Insomnia Lite you are skiing smarter, lighter and stronger.


  • Effortless Edge Grip
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy Turn Entry & Exit
  • Accommodating Performance

144 CM, 150 CM, 158 CM, 166 CM

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