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Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 Carbon – Dark Blue

Çmimi origjinal qe: €3,600.00.Çmimi i tanishëm është: €2,160.00.

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In an increasingly fast-paced world, we need ever faster bikes to keep up, like the Turbo Vado 4.0. Numerous proven and award-winning technologies make it a fascinating e-bike for everyone who wants to cope with their everyday life by bike in a relaxed manner, without being pressed for time. It’s you, only faster.

With our Specialized 1.2 motor, the Turbo Vado is the ultimate city bike. The 1.2 motor works quietly and has our Custom Rx Street Tune, which provides the motor power so that it can be best used in urban terrain. You can imagine it like this, the more power you produce, the more power the engine adds, which makes accelerations, e.g. from a standstill, quick and efficient. The drive shaft is driven by the motor via a belt, so it is smooth, quiet and vibration-free.

For the Vado 4.0, we developed the U1-500 battery, which fits seamlessly into the frame, is lockable and can be easily removed for charging. In other words, there is enough power to get you to work and home, or shopping, or maybe that new coffee shop across town. If you want to know exactly how far you can get with one battery charge, take a look at our turbo range calculator, which can give a more precise estimate.

The new Turbo Connect Display (TCD-w) is the best way to show you data on your Turbo. Not only does it show important driving data (speed, cadence, rider performance, distance, battery charge level, time, etc.), you can also use the display to connect the bike to our Mission Control app. With our free app for iOS and Android you can easily set the motor parameters, control your range, record and upload rides and carry out system analyzes.

In line with the innovative features, we have equipped the bike with carefree components that include a Shimano 10-speed drive, hydraulic disc brakes, front and rear lights, and mudguard and luggage rack mounts.


  • The Turbo Vado features a lightweight alloy frame that’s been designed with our Fitness / Transportation Geometry.
  • The Turbo Vado’s Specialized 1.2 motor has been fully integrated with the frame, and it’s been custom-tuned for city riding. We designed it to intuitively react to the force of your pedaling, so the harder you pedal, the more power it delivers. And with an internal belt drive design, it does this without added vibration for the smoothest and most silent ride possible.
  • We made the custom 500 Wh battery to be fully integrated with the frame, removable for easy charging, and lockable for added security. It communicates with the display and has multiple modes to maximize the overall efficiency and range.
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