Salomon Unisex S/View Sigma Ski Goggles – Burnt Ochre/Sigma Poppy Red


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Designed for skiers looking for style and performance, this goggle combines premium lens quality with a sleek, close-to-the-face design. A minimalist, modern frame combined with Salomon’s proprietary lens technology delivers a wide field of vision and heightened contrast, so you can effortlessly identify all terrain variations.

Extended field of vision
This modern looking, minimalist frame has been designed so you can experience a wide field of vision without compromising your style.

Amplified contrast and definition
Salomon’s SIGMA™ lens technology is the perfect amplifier of depth, ensuring top of the line color contrast on both sunny and cloudy days.

No more fogging
Don’t let the fog dictate your days with this optimized airflow. Experience an even greater level of ventilation, particularly when combined with the new Pioneer Lt helmet.

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