Faction Dancer 4 W23 P1 Ski’s 179 cm – Green

Çmimi origjinal qe: €749.00.Çmimi i tanishëm është: €524.30.

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The Dancer 4 is designed for the big-mountain maestro who wants an agile fat-ski capable of negotiating the sharkiest terrain on the mountain. The 116 mm waist provides maximum float through deep and choppy snow, and a stable platform for stomping airs. Take more chances and dance more dances! Two razor-thin sheets of metal provide full stability without weighing you down. Backed by the finest, most durable Austrian construction, powered 100% by renewable energy.

You’ll love this ski if:

  • You want to ski like a Freeride World Tour champ, with full control and smooth stability
  • You want a ski that blasts through crud and chunder with absolute ease
  • You love big-mountain terrain
  • You want to float like a boat on the deepest days
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