Armada Skis ARV 116 JJ + N STRIVE GW14 185cm – Orange/Green

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The iconic Armada ARV 116 JJ continues to carve its name into ski lore, coming correct with a Poplar-Ash wood core for maximum energy return and pop when sending it down pillow lines and ripping tree shots. The JJ’s balanced flex profile is ideal for surfing powder while maintaining enough stiffness through the tip and tail to excel in tight conditions and no-fall zones. Smear Tech 3D base beveling in the tips and tails allow limitless directions of slashes, presses and butters as you put your signature on the mountain.

Rockered tips and tails are combined with positive camber under foot to allow the ski to charge with ease through unpredictable snow and maintain a solid carve when asked to do so. Turn the whole mountain into your playground.

Lightweight Poplar is combined with higher density full-length Ash stringers to create an incredibly lively ski with all the power needed for boosting to new heights.

Smear Tech – A 3D Beveled base in the tip and tail creates a unique feel in all snow conditions. Less likely to catch in crud, self-centering in deep snow and un-catchable on takeoffs, Smear Tech lets you float effortlessly whether sliding forwards, backwards or sideways.

Oversized and specially heat treated, this edge is built to resist impact damage in the most demanding situations.

A sintered base optimized for speed, durability and wax retention.

Sidewall on 75% of the ski to allow for weight savings on tip and tail while maintaining ridgitiy and drive in the prime zone.

Specifikat Teknike

    Weight in Grams 2250
    Radius 18
    Side Cut Tip 139
    Side Cut Waist 116
    Side Cut Tail 135

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      • SMEAR TECH
      • 2.5 IMPACT EDGE
      • S7 BASE


      • AR75 SIDEWALL
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